Privacy policy

The after-mentioned Policy of Privacy defines all the rules and procedures concerning the creation and usage of personal data files which are obligatory for the users of our website :

1. Who and when collects any personal data ?

Personal data are collected by the firm Solemnis – Remigiusz Cyganek. Our website is all at you disposal. In case you might want to contact us, you email address, name and surname will be necessary for us to be able to contact you.

2. Who and how converts the information ?

Solemnis  exclusively converts the information and use it only for the purpose of helping our customers and the best possible cooperation with them. We do not share the information with other firms or institutions, unless we are obliged by the Law.

3. The usage of cookie files

Solemnis can use cookie files to improve its service and to check which the pages are visited most often. Cookies are small fragments of the information sent by the server and recorded on the side of the user who created them. Most of cookie files last only for the time of one visit on the website. Nobody else will be able to read the information which would make it possible to come into contact with you. You will find the cookie files management instruction on the websites of the internet browsers producers.

4. The protection of personal data

The communication between your computer and our server is coded; besides our safe databases are protected from the insight of outsiders.

5. Questions and remarks

In order to give additional information, change or delete your data from our base we ask for contact. All changes concerning our Policy of Privacy will be published in this place